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Whether you are junior or an adult, go karting is the perfect new hobby for any thrill-seeker or competitive person. Find out how to start in our guide!.

How to get started in Go Kart racing | Karting has something to offer we ask is, " How long and are you going to work and plan to commit to your hobby? . With very little change this setup can be driven by your Junior driver or by an adult.

Karting is a very popular sport in Australia and at some stage enthusiasts want A Senior Clubman or 125cc chassis is great for adults, but isn't the right fit for a.

Kart racing is for whomever has the time and perseverance to get good at it. Even if If you want to make this a full time hobby, then have at it!.

Many people associate it with young drivers, but adults are also very active in With two weight divisions this class allows close competitive racing in karts with.