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How to Choose Your Novel's Point-Of-View & Tense — Well-Storied. adult point of view stories

You need to decide which point of view you'll use to tell your story. Young Adult : A lot of first person, but third person limited is also popular.

You've probably come across this one before, as it's one of the most popular points of view (POV) used in fiction, especially in Young Adult.

Simply put, perspective is who tells the story, and point of view is how they tell it. First person–This is used very frequently in young-adult fiction, somewhat less .

How you choose to structure and style your story's prose can make all In fact, point-of-view and tense are a bit like the clothes you wear each day. is most frequently used in Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction (think: The.

The protagonist of a YA novel and the point of view (POV) we see the story told from is extremely important to connecting your readers with the.