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Shinny is an informal type of hockey played on ice. It is also used as another term for street and fresh waves of new immigrants, hosts free or low-cost shinny sessions and also has programs for adults to learn how to shinny on city rinks.

Come enjoy the game of hockey in a relaxed fun atmosphere with friends and people who share the same passion. Shinny is simply a game of pick up hockey.

Come out and enjoy a pickup game of hockey. Equipment: Full equipment including a CSA approved helmet is required. Cost: Regular drop-in rates apply.

Try Adult Drop-in or Shinny Hockey! Drop-in hockey is an informal, non-checking game for players of all skill levels - with no officials or supervision. It's a great.

If you're having trouble dragging yourself to the gym for another run-of-the-mill workout, it's time to consider playing in an adult ice hockey league. Shinny USA is.