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your member ID at a participating dental office to take advantage of plan D1110, Cleaning - adult, $50 D8010-D8999, Orthodontic treatment, $100 off Discounted pricing Click here to view your state's General Dentist Fee Schedule.

Orthodontic Discount Dental Program is an alternative to orthodontic Reset My Password · Print My Card · My Fee Schedule ·:DP Member Guide A plan member can use their plan to reduce their costs at the dentist as often as they wish. And many dental savings plans do offer orthodontics savings to adults as well as.

View highlights of Delta Dental orthodontic coverage for different plan types. Costs depend on the services you need, but Delta Dental can help estimate costs before treatment Orthodontic payment schedules depend on your contract.

Orthodontic treatment has no age restrictions, so both children and adults can have it done. teeth gapped, crooked, crowded, asymmetrical, worn down;.

Dental Discount Program offered by Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics is NOT INSURANCE are limited to the discounted fees as itemized in the Schedule of Fees provided to you. D2160 Amalgam - Silver three surface, child or adult $120.