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TREKIDOO/ TRIKIDOO ADULT TRIKE -- KIDS CARRIER Available in Blue, Black, Silver and red color. Practical Tricycle to carry 2 kids on the back with safety.

Adult Trike Child Passenger Seats Trike Bicycle, Tricycle Bike, Cargo Bike, Bicycle . Trekidoo Adult tricycle to carry two kids on the back Cycling Accessories.

Jorvik adults tricycle or bicycle saddle with back support. The seats are designed with an extra wide and padded seat and an added back support buy online today ! Easy to fit and will suit most trikes and bikes regardless of brand or model.

People who own adult tricycles enjoy many social and physical benefits. Happybuy is one of the few tricycles whose seats have a backrest.

An all alloy backrest which can be installed in most tricycle or bicycle seats. The saddle will fit almost all adult tricycles and most bicycles. Cost: Model 96001B.