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To ensure that we are producing the highest-quality silicone bracelets on the The large bands are 8 3/8" in length and will fit most adults and large-framed.

SILICONE WRISTBAND SIZES AVAILABLE. For our DEBOSSED bands we stock the 3 sizes below. On our new colored text bands we stock just the adult size.

People make use of custom silicone wristbands for a variety of Adult-sized or large-size silicone wristbands have a circumference that.

stick figure confused over custom rubber bracelet size These sizes are Youth ( 7 inches), Young Adult (7.5 inches), Adult (8 inches) and Large.

Amazon.com: GOGO 10 Dozen Silicone Wristbands, Adult-Size Rubber FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE --- Our GOGO silicone bracelets can be customized.