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Find out just how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones. Pretty much everyone should be able to hear the lowest tone (8kHz). Many people.

Several young students have caught on to a recent trend: a ring tone that only they can hear and most adults can't. Dubbed the Mosquito, the.

Apparently, there's a noise that only people under 25 can hear. Can you Let's see how well you hear and if you hear your age. No, I can't.

There are sound frequencies that only young people can hear. teens are striking back by employing these pitches as ringtones, so they can.

Check whether you can hear these high-frequency Teen Buzz ringtones, sometimes ultrasonic, because they can be heard by normal, healthy young people, but they are tone (17.4 kHz) that most teens can hear but most adults cannot.