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Meet the man who gets off on poo play and pretending he's a baby | Metro News diaper poop and sex stories

she interrupts her, as she takes the poo-free part of the towel and After that, you just let us know, and we'll change your diapers for you.".

*Just a lone story containing a couple of my OC's. Enjoy! 'I say we play a game,' said Josephine, 'whoever poops their diaper first loses.

Jake: "big babies who wear diapers don't get to have sex! I already knew what she was about to do, as I tried to poop for her too, but it I pretended to be reading her a bedtime story as I heard the bedroom door creak open.

'poop' stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related .. The two guys throw each other's loads into diapers. A sorority has a very open sex and bathrooming policy.

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