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This list of ethnic slurs is sorted into categories that can defined by race, nationality or ethnicity. . Chink: (U.S.) a derogatory term for those of East Asian descent. . Once a mark of xenophobia, the word was promoted by Maoists as insulting.

The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as For the purposes of this list, an ethnic slur is a term designed to insult others ABCD: (South Asians in the US) American-Born Confused Desi, Indian Americans or other South Asian Americans, (desi) who were born in the United States.

An angry Chinese public is accusing Marvel Studios of insulting China after learning that its first Asian superhero on the big screen will be the son of Fu Manchu.

offensive an insulting word used in the past for a worker with no special skills in China, India, Americanoffensive a very offensive word for someone from Asia.

Some companies and individuals are accused of insulting Chinese culture and saying racist things. However, more and more "insults" are about the one- China policy. In January Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia.