I know the answer people expect me to say.

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Let me give an example. She was primarily dating women before dating me.

We compare our bodies to one another. They miss being intimate with other men or women depending on their sexual orientation.

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But here's the thing that gay and straight folks seem to forget when they ask me this question. If I give someone my word that I will be monogamous with lookimg, I'm sticking to it. That is not true. We housewives personals in brownsboro al to have the stability and comfort that comes with being in a committed relationship, as opposed to the novelty and excitement and often complications that come from being in an open one.

But on the flip side, we can easily compare ourselves to one another, which often le to an unspoken competition. How many guys flirt with each of us at the ,tr bar.

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But I absolutely do not want to perpetuate the stereotype that all bi folks are polyamorous, or that we're all cheaters or anything like that. Trust is also implied birl connected to this commitment. Attractions don't disappear when we're in a adger al housewives personals relationship. I like pretty penises. There are gender norms that come into play while I'm looiing a woman.

My ex was also bi. Having sex with men is just different than having sex with women.

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However, there's a reason why we don't. Every couple of weeks, we would check in to see if we felt like we needed to open up our relationship or wanted to perhaps be monogamish. It's only their personality that matters.

Our careers. I like big butts and perky tits.

History of bisexuality

So yeah, I absolutely do miss men when I'm dating a woman monogamously. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Bi girl still looking for ltr

On the contrary, it means I'm attracted to various physical forms and different genitalia along with personality as well! Every time we told the truth: yes, we do miss being with people of other genders, but no, we don't want to open lookung our relationship and complicate things at this time. Similarly, if you're a straight male escorts arizona, surely, at times, you miss being intimate with other men besides your husband.

Bi girl still looking for ltr

Being bi, for me, doesn't mean I don't care about a person's appearance. So while pheonix escorts, I'm still attracted to other people while I'm dating someone monogamously, and oftentimes I find myself yearning for genders of folks that lokoing the person I'm dating, I've still made a commitment.

It doesn't mean that I'm only attracted to personality.

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With a man, these gender looking for milfs in the gta are often thrown out the window, which I love, because there's no traditional set up for how two men should be dating. And yes, I am attracted to body parts as well as a person's personality. Our sexuality is not dependent upon whom we're intimate with at that time. Of course, I do my best to fight against these gender norms, and to have a relationship on our terms, but that's something I actively have to fight against.

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I know the answer people expect me to say. This is why we work so hard to make our bisexuality visible, even if we're in a monogamous relationship.

Bi girl still looking for ltr

I like all of it. I shouldn't be ashamed to admit that. But I'd be willing to bet that even bi monogamous folks sometimes do miss sleeping with people of another gender. Saying that I don't would be a blatant lie.