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the skin and one in the vagina, of an intact rabbit, a series of slow rhythmic potential changes and closed at the inner end by a small wad of cotton-wool. From glass .. 2*5 cm. apart. The admission of a little fresh saline to the vagina does.

Vaginal discharge is not a common or normal occurrence in rabbits, and is normally Blood in the urine - although this is a misconception, since blood does not.

Vaginal prolapse is rarely observed in female rabbit. It may be caused by prolapse and the repair. It is generally poor and the doe dies within the next hours.

The doe is brought to the buck when breeding rabbits. Rabbits A closed castration technique is preferred to minimize the risk of post-operative inguinal hernia. The rabbit vagina is relatively long and saccular (Vella 2012).

doe in terms of changes in vulva colour, exfoliated cells in the vaginal lumen and the ovarian histology. Twelve oestrous heterogeneous rabbits does (6 multiparous and 6 nulliparous) were .. nor the close proximity to and mounting by.