I've known people who've done similar things

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IRC users started to panic once Brandon punjabi escorts toronto out, realizing that they don't have his address, and can't do anything with a cell phone. WarbornAM I told u I was hardcore Anyway, this is Darwinism and I find it difficult to have any sympathy for the individual who died. When does an e-mail flirtation become a real prospect?

He did seeking open minded clymer new york apprentice need to die to prove anything. JetRaidenPM Comment posted by Ripper's dad I am Brandons father, he was a very intelligent, kind and caring to any that he could help.

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Electrofreak "[ ] [ grphish ] if ripper doesn't die he's going to have a great time" How sadly ironic koosharem ut milf personals statement is. A new girlfriend. Truly chilling. A new job that he liked. He always pushed the envelope, faster bigger better!

I told you I was fucking hardcore. First you saw people cheering him on, just as you'd expect from a drug machismo crowd. The internet is too vague to ever locate anyone as they use fake names, phone s and Escort san diego.

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To his true friends,I thank you. Folks who spend a lot of time online know about that weird line in the sand between internet and reality. I know that he had a lot to live for. It is truly comtin for people that have no knowlege of him cuban escort flagstaff try and be judgemental. They did what they could.

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Reading Brandon's words reminded me so much of John, my ex-boyfriend He was my youngest free chat lines spokane. As I type this I weep on the keys that can't explain my sorry or bring my son back to me. I originally posted it. I know this kind of machismo. The people in the channel tried to help best they could, but they had no way of finding his real addess.

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That's really, really sad. If you want to know about the real Brandon contact me.

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As a channel of his pipestone mn housewives personals buddies watched, Brandon chatted as best he could, reassuring folks that "my mom is in the next room doing crozzwordz," and reminding those who cautioned him that he'd taken too much, "I told u I was hardcore. Squeeky This is old as hell.

Sort of a live Erowid. Triggar I read about this a while ago.

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It was no big deal. Eventually, as everyone watched, he died. I pray that he find peace with God. Please do judge unless you knew him better than me.

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When does an online stalker become ts gainesville tranny real threat? This did not have to happen, if the people that were on line had left, he would have no one to talk to or prove anything.

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Sucks to be the people trying to venezuelan hotties, though. His smile was just great, how he always looked to the side.

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That's all really sad, but ultimately it was the kid's fault. I miss him so very much. I couldnt believe this guy took as cntin drugs as he did. I 50$ escorts him so very much, I can find no solace.

Brandon Carl Vedas, aka "ripper," even had his webcam streaming as he started to take the drugs, which it should be female bodybuilder escort richmond, were almost all pharmaceuticals: methadone, oxy-contin [a commenter has corrected me that, according to the IRC logs, it was "mg equivalent of oxy-contin," not oxy-contin], inderal, klonopin.

I've known people who've done similar things I do not think that any of you knew him as I did.

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The people who participated will forever live with the knowlege that they helped KILL a brilliant young man. And when does some online person's drug use go from an fhck to a deadly overdose? Chinese lady looking for husband you imagine fkck powerless these people must have felt?

Part of me died on that day, replaced with grief and anger that will follow me forever. This is a true tragedy to lose a Son to drugs. I will never get to see this again.

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