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The Toronto Gay Hockey Association, otherwise known as the "TGHA," is a 12 teams and 180 playing members, the TGHA is the largest gay hockey league in.

He used to live afraid of saying anything about his true self, which, Andrew Sobotka will tell you, is not a fun way to live. Growing up as a hockey player in.

Currently we organize eight teams in various divisions of Chelsea Piers' adult recreational hockey program, an annual 14+ team tournament on Memorial Day .

The New York City Gay Hockey Association (NYCGHA) is an LGBT sports league based in New York City. Jeff Kagan and Jeff Minck founded the NYCGHA in 1999 , after playing on the same team without either realizing the other was gay.

GHDC is an inclusive gay-straight hockey team. Our goal is to promote sportsmanship, elevate both individual and team hockey skill levels, join.