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"Having a beard as a Brunswick barista is totally hipster but it certainly isn't fashionable to be a hairy brown girl who grew up in the 'burbs," she.

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Some may judge my hairy legs and pits, but who cares! Sure there were also Sikh girls I grew up with that cut their Kes but I wanted to follow.

I am married to an Indian woman in the Sikh community. In most In fact Sikhs and Punjabi women are held in high regards by Indian men for their thick dark full hairy bush. It's seen How often do girls shave their pubic hair in your country?.

However, it wasn't always so easy - being a young girl is tough enough but a young girl with a thick black beard and hairy chest? decided to become baptized as a Sikh, and fully adopted the Sikh turban and way of life.