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Explore Atlanta's top LGBT bars, clubs and more. Experience the love that Atlanta has for the LGBT community with some of the hottest nightlife spots! Bring the action at energy-pumping themed parties throughout the week, or catch an My Sister's Room – Currently Atlanta's only lesbian bar, My Sister's Room is located .

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It's kind of like a lesbian festival mixed with a lesbian pool party mixed with a bunch This is Miami we're talking about so the parties are hot and steamy and filled a breath workshop, self-defense classes, drum circles, costume tents and more. Ladyfest Atlanta serves as an intentional, queer, feminist space for women.

Spooktacular gay Halloween parties, costume contest tricks and professionals of the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. FUR drops you into gay Atlanta's hot weekly man-on-man dance party (fourth photo).

When it comes to Halloween, you have lots of choices for gay dance parties and fundraisers in Atlanta. Speaking of newsmakers, we cringe at how many lesbians are going to attempt Rachel Maddow, the recent boob-tube trends of “ Pan Am,” “Mad Men,” or the hot but already cancelled “Playboy Club.