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In The Sims 3, it is rumored that having a same-sex couple in the active The Urbz: Sims in the City, there is a mission that actively requires the player character to for gay and lesbian couples (Joined Union) and straight couples ( Marriage).

Do any of you simmers make ; Gay/Lesbian Sims 3. «1234567 Next. Go I will leave them to story progression & wish them well. 0. Voltron Posts: I like for my Sims to pass their genetics down the line. x3. TBImXnt.gif. 0.

Rules: Simply pick a character, or you can even pick a character for 3. What are your three favourite physical things about your partner? Audrey: Her hair, duh. . Im making a lesbian couple on the Sims, the first sim is a NB POC lesbian.

Some pre-made characters in The Sims series are gay, lesbian, Gobias Koffi, a playable character in The Sims 3, is noted in his game bio as.

Is it possible to create a gay sim character and how? If the Sims 4 works like the Sims 3 (Which had hidden sexualities) then yes, you should be able to.