We left together right after that. FQ: What a bargain. Then he pulled my dick out and showed me a few tricks. FQ: "Tricks? I have a long, pretty thick foreskin.

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That's all I'm going to say.

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I want to know. Shit, it was incredible! He gug whimpering like a baby when I talk. I think he was sorta holding it open with his teeth and shoving his tongue inside and licking my dickhead. A lot. It stinks and gets slimy and cheesy.

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FQ: Because they're ugly or dirty? Yeah, mostly with his mouth.

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There are some sick motherfuckers out there. Yeah, that's the biggie for Larry.

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He begs me to let him "Please suck it" and shit like that. So I charge him more.

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FQ: What's the strangest foreskin experience you've had with one of your clients? Usually we start out with his nose in my foreskin.

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He'd pull on it, he'd chew on it, he'd stick his thumb in between my skin and the head of my dick and sorta twirl it around and around. Then, I won't pull my foreskin back when I wash. FQ: Cream cheese? We go into the shower, and I stand and wash off, and he kneels before me and watches me pakistani escort girls south brisbane my dick locsl balls.

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That's why I'm asking. That's what gets him off. Word got out that I had this nice escorts nw indiana dick and that I liked having my foreskin chewed and sucked on, so anyone into doin' that And the whole time he's fuckin' moaning like a sick dog in heat, and goin' on about how great it locla, and thanking me for feeding him my cheese.

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It helps. What the fuck do you think? FQ: What did he want to do? He gets mine after he licks his off the floor with his tongue.

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And some models have a certain body part that they are well known for, you know, like their lips or their chest or something. And so I punish him and slap him around.

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FQ: Do you talk while he's doing this? FQ: And you liked it? Well, it's kinda funny FQ: Does he cum too? When will I reno personals my money? FQ: A nipple? FQ: We're not talking about me. Shit, I'm hauling it in right now.

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FQ: And the rest of the time he played with your foreskin? Shit, yeah. I guess just because he so fuckin' into it!

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FQ: So after he licks up his cum He's a sick fuck and he deserves to be slapped around. Pilots make a lot of money private escorts gosford they? Well, for a few days I'll only do it with guys who want to fuck. He's not payin' for loking, pal. FQ: I want to know. Sometimes I'll say somethin' like "Eat it, you fuckin' pathetic cocksucking cheese pig.

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I can see man looking for special women big hairy arms flexing every time he pumps his dick, and his chest is heaving in and out because he breathes so deeply, and his eyes are either staring right into mine or closed. He's in great shape, and even though he's not really my type, it splosh escort me on to look down at him with my foreskin wrapped around his nose.

He begs me, he says shit like "Now, please help me wash it down. I pull it back and stretch it and stuff FQ: Hmmm At first, But then I started charging on a different scale, like depending on how attracted I was to the live grannie. I'll get them off, but I won't cum.

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Well, there are a few that are kinda different. I had no idea that my dick could feel so good.

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I think he's a pilot. And I gotta give up other things loval make up for this guy, so he's gonna pay extra for it. FQ: What a bargain.