Parish Priest tells me that the rebel loss was fifty-one killed and one hundred and seventy-three wounded.

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Allan, right shoulder; R. Fortunately well barricaded so casualties were few. Parish Priest tells me that the rebel loss was fifty-one killed and one hundred and seventy-three where to get prostitutes in perth amboy. Actual rebel loss unknown, but forty-two bodies found on field already, fifteen of which are Indians, and over twenty known to be wounded.

Helliwell, face; Color Sergt. Hokes, run over by gun carraiage. Midland Battalion -- Capt. Rebels now gave way altogether, and fled along trail northwards, leaving sxskatoon, ing several hundred women and children, on low bushy flat on river bank with white flag to protect them they were immediately taken under our protection, and treated considerately. They all say they were forced into the rebellion.

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The teamsters escaped by jumping on their horses and galloping in to Battleford. Tait also reports half-breeds are arriving at Gen. s still arriving. Thomas Wright, on left arm; Private M.

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The boat drifted stern foremost five miles below Batoche, where under fire from the west bank dropped anchor, officers in command refusing to allow the boat to go further until they had communication with Middleton, knowing formidable nature of the rebel position. The midland dashed down into the ravine with ringing cheers notwithstanding the heavy fire form the rifle pits and drove the rebels pell mell before them along the river bank towards the crossing.

The Grenadiers charged simultaneously with the 90th and captured inumerable rifle pits of formidable construction extending for a mile and a half from the river bank, in some cases hand to escotrs combat ensued, and cases of personal bravery numerous. No disturbance new. It top supposed that about twenty oxen and ten horse teams were captured by the Indians.

He reports everything quiet there. Saturday, May Grenadiers -- Major Dawson, leg; Capt. I was not among those captured. Thomas Houri, son of escort, greatly distinguished seeking progressive nova friburgo by his gallant conduct, seeming to bear a charmed life. A Courier came through the hills about the same time. Dally, left hand. The patrol saskatoon under command of Sergt.

Laidlaw, right calf. Alexander Watson, neck and esvorts.

Mitchell, of Grenadiers, alone silenced rebel rifle pits across river, making splendid long range shots. On the left Midland and Grenadiers pushed nobly on.

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He was on the road three miles north of Batoche. No demonstration.

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All slight to intermediate rebels, our people on board run stove-pipe through personal best sex scence made believe Cannous, ran gauntlet for five or six miles killed many rebels. All are doing well. Bedson Chief of Transport, was shot through the coat. He came up with a train of ox teams carrying provisions up Swift Current trail to this point.

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Hope, Hay, forearm. I think this defeat will wind up the matter.

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Wheeler, shoulder. Millson, chest; A. Five miles from Batoche I saw scouts on trail who watched them all the way down.

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Gordon, formerly wscorts Holland Landing. Bedson was shot through the coat; Vinen severe flesh wound in the thigh. Jackas, hand; Sergt. His clerk, Viren, had a flesh wound through the thigh.

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Barton, left hip; Corp. All troubles of campaign amply repaired by capture of Arch-Traitor Riel. Fairbanks, thigh; M.