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Take a look at the pics below and vote for your favorites! I think she's going pee . . One thing I like about the 60-70s hippy era- the beautiful women were.

Hippie Novelty Toy Peace Signing Peeing Vintage Mature Figure image 0 Rare Woodstock-type figure with Beatles haircut that is standing on a barrel peeing!.

Discover ideas about Woodstock Hippies Hippie Girls at Woodstock, 1969 . These incredible images of Woodstock 1969 will give you a special look into the .

Confession: if I was a child of the 60s, I would have absolutely been a hippie. This 1930s photo of an Alabama family shows the hardships sharecroppers.

A music festival promises to recycle your wee into beer (Picture drink beer, collect peed out beer for fertiliser, grow hops for beer, drink beer.