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Doug creator Jim Jinkins finally reveals if Doug ends up with Patti | Metro News doug funny sex

19 Adult Jokes In "Doug," "Rugrats," And "Hey Arnold" That Younger You Didn't The time there was a subtle oral sex moment on Doug. . 23 Nickelodeon Cartoon Jokes You Didn't Understand As An Innocent 7-Year-Old.

Douglas Yancey Funnie (his full name) lives in a town called Bluffington with his Doug and Skeeter, as well as almost every child in Bluffington, are madly in.

This is particularly funny if you consider that Billy West was at various times the voice of . Surprisingly, in Disney's Doug, the word "sex" is said in the Christmas .

One particular Doug Funnie fan theory is truly disturbing, having to do with a sexual predator in the neighborhood. Fortunately, they aren't all that messed up, but.

Doug was at his locker daydreaming about Patti Mayonnaise. "Oh Patti," he moaned. "Doug Funnie had sex with Patti." Unfortunately, Patti.