have you ever pictured the green hulk having sex with wonder woman? - hulk has sex with wonder woman


So..um..what if Wonder Woman had sex with She Hulk? - Gen. Discussion - Comic Vine hulk has sex with wonder woman

She could tie him up with her golden lasso and make him tell the truth. “Hulk overcompensating for small penis. Hulk sad. Hulk want cuddle.”.

Would it be possible or would wonder woman be too strong and hurt she hulk during the process?.

- Ideas for She-hulk, Wonder Woman stories. god damn these electric sex pants! a stupid thought that wouldnt let go.this has to happen in dc universe XD. i'm not your everyday superhero buff but juxtaposing iconic chara. this.

Man of Steel Sequel Writer David Goyer Calls Marvel's She-Hulk “A Giant Green and Wonder Woman in her first big screen, live-action appearance. And generally, She-Hulk is not portrayed as the only woman the Hulk can have sex Since her introduction, She-Hulk has been a woman of agency and.

As Wonder Woman lasso-of-truthed into theaters on June 2nd, film and Her beginnings may have been humble, but She-Hulk has grown to be one of “She -Hulk resurfaces as a big, green sex-pot who is wryly aware that.