Watery semen: Causes and effect on fertility - causes of clumpy sperm


Semen Color Chart: Yellow, Clear, Brown, Jelly Texture, and More causes of clumpy sperm

A sudden change usually isn't cause for concern unless you're If your semen isn't normally thick and clumpy, this texture might be caused by.

Yellow or yellowish-green sperm can be caused by a prostate infection. This happens when bacteria from your urinary tract gets into your.

If you have any additional symptoms this can be cause for concern, but Semen is normally thick, sticky and clumpy on ejaculation due to the.

After ejaculation, proteins contained in semen can cause it to become thick, sticky , and clumpy. This consistency helps increase the chances for.

From our knowledge, sometimes the causes of jelly-like sperm is the massive concentration of protein compound of your sperm in your testicular sperm bank.