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O’Reilly Media has stopped retailing books directly on its ecommerce store | Hacker News oreilly safari books online sucks

on: O'Reilly Media has stopped retailing books directl This sucks. I've been a subscriber to Safari Books Online for a couple of years. Whilst I.

I sure as heck am not going to buy any technical books from O'Reilly by Amazon. and iPad (cause, as I said, ePub is terrible for technical books). purchased quite a few books directly from O'Reilly online in the past.

But what really sucks about Safari Books is the ham-fisted, clumsy and lazy that your complimentary trial to Safari Books Online will expire in 5 days. You'd think two major publishing companies like O'Reilly Media and.

According to O'Reilly, "Your DRM-free ebooks and videos are safe and .. Reader on Firefox has been the one thing that hasn't sucked for me.

Basically O'Reilly have taken a whole bunch of books, scanned them in, and put them online. And for a monthly fee, you can read them in your.