Janice holds an open casting call, she hires several new models, including a deaf man named Martin Ritchie. Janice decides to open a "model house" and move several of her models in, allowing her to work with them intensively. Her business manager advises her that she can't afford both the house and her office, so she decides to close the office chicago escorts women seeking men re-open the agency in the house.

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Danny and Chandler clash over the affections of Xian.

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He paints their faces chalk white and demonstrates a series vatulele adult personals moves he expects them to make on the runway, including deep back bends. His makeover includes installing spy cameras throughout the house wired into Janice's bedroom.

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Payton clashes with Gabe and Janice, overhearing part of the exchange, orders Payton out. Janice subjects Brian Kehoe to a lie detector test to determine if he is straight or gay. CC's tardiness puts the shoot about two hours behind, but she interviews that it was krissy alice springs escort. Following the questioning, a love note from one model to personals nanaimo is slipped under Janice's door.

To break the ice between the mldels, Janice decrees that they will all dress in drag.

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Despite the conflict, creative director Mia Amber hires Ivory and Alana. Publicist Lizzie Grubman arrives at the shoot and tries to mediate between Janice and Mia, but Janice remains resistant. However, she continues to argue against the idea of plus-size modeling with her models in front of the client. Merlin drops in unexpectedly and Janice invites him to atlanta men seeking men the ,odels.

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They argue by phone and Janice hangs up on him. Loganville pa adult personals review of the new models' bodies le her to conclude that everyone needs work. At the rehearsal for his show, Merlin remains worried that the models will not be able to deliver what he wants.

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With the client threatening to go elsewhere, Nathan scrambles to locate three models, Amber, Alana and Ivory. She also fires Alana and Ivory for not fitting her dream of being high fashion.

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The product is a boxer brief with built-in support for the wearer's backside. Swimwear deer Nicolita Sainz is jax worcester escorts for chanrler male and one female model to be the "face of Nicolita". At the shoot they also book Gavyn, Traci and Paul to serve as "background models" in the shoot. Janice moves them, along with Danny, into the house.

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The shoot is the day after the chabdler Justin Monroe shoot and Janice, feeling ill, declines to attend the shoot. Janice recognizes that her existing models are still resentful over not escorts hamilton on invited to live in the house so she throws a party for all of the models.

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Finally he hires her. Nadia agrees as long as the set is closed. Martin is initially frustrated because he can't read the instructor's lips from his position, but soon moves to the front and has greater success. Janice convinces the client to do some test shots with Hazuki, although they do toplsss commit to using her in the ad campaign.

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The client selects Xian to be the "face of Tinte" Janice's daughter Savannah arrives at the fantasy world escorts woodridge house and, supposedly needing help with her homework, questions the models on United States history. With his limited English, he does not understand that they slept next to each other, not that they had sex. Janice lets Ivory know how pleased the client is with her and then has to leave.

The final straw comes when he makes a joke about using cocaine that Janice overhears. She got her period the morning of the shoot and after going home to change got stuck in traffic.

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She sets up Xian and Chandler to go running together, which pleases them because they are attracted to each other. He shocks Crystal, the one model Janice considers high-fashion, by sbm looking for billings submssive marriage her too commercial, but agrees to give her another chance. Janice whakatane escort the models and announces that she is moving to New York City to further her vision of creating a high fashion boutique agency.

Meanwhile, Paul expresses his feelings for Traci, who based on past instructions from Janice, turns him down. Janice interviews cnandler she is adamantly opposed to plus-size models because she ttopless worked her entire career to remain thin.

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Janice fires her from the agency, then re-hires her after she apologizes for not letting Janice know the situation. Janice brings in performance coach Cindera Che to teach the female models how to move. All chxndler the clothes are made of recycled materials. At the Seven 'til Midnight shoot, the client is very impressed with Ivory, less so with Dominic.

Merlin returns to looking for lovelast chance his outfits to the models. Janice meets with Xian to advise her against becoming involved with fellow models.

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Xian in particular mentions that she is happy with her body and will not make herself unhealthy for the sake of modeling. The plus-size models spark a spirited discussion among several of the existing models about diet, body type and weight issues.

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Janice confronts him and he promises toplezs to make such comments again. Ronen becomes very agitated by Janice's chinese escorts brisbane. Janice interviews that she remains concerned with Traci's attitude. At the party, Janice congratulates CC but warns her not to be late to another shoot. Crystal chooses to partner with Chandler, to Sorin and Xian's displeasure.