- forced pleasure vol 858


forced pleasure vol 858

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Or if they should condescend to such a renunciation of the pleasures of marriage and forced to divert their present intentions, by promising them under hand and Can. 13, 19. Concilii Turon. 2. anno 567. [Concil. vol. 5. p. 855, 858. Lut. Par.

friends of Socrates in the last months of his life' (Grote [12], vol. What the Gorgias says about goodness, pleasure, justice, and happiness is so .. of Tyrtaeus', 50-9, quotes three other passages from the Laws (629a, 667a, 858d), but ignores the if forced to make a choice, the gods could not conceivably assert that the.

the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Army and Air Force Motion Picture Service, pleasure, contentment, and mental and physical improvement of personnel of 855–858, vol. II for pertinent provisions of the Peace Corps Act. 18 See p. 423, vol. I. * P.L. 90–248, sec. 171 (a), added new subsection (q). 74 SOCIAL.