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The hair rat was a girls best friend for centuries, but today seems to have fallen out Let's explore a little history, and then set to with a little beauty DIY! Anyone who has scoured through a few antique shops or hunted for antique vanity sets.

How to Make a Hair Rat Volumizer Diy Hair Rat, Hair Extensions Tutorial, V. More information Pincurl your own hair for major no-heat waves and retro style | Offbeat Bride. More information .. 15 Delightful Hairdos History Has Forgotten.

(photo from silent_screen_queen) Vintage styled hair is an integral part of Concise illustrated history of 1940s fashion and style for women, from 1940 to 1949.

With a name that might at first inspire thoughts of pesky vermin (or cute little rodent critters, depending on your personal feelings), “hair rats.

If you want vintage hair you need a collection of hair rats among many You can use one chignon to make a hair rat but it's not as firm as I like. . People that are telling you this is cheating don't know their history very well.